About Us

Gift shop for makers by makers.

After spending 15 years in New Jersey, as a family we moved to California, that changed my lifestyle and wardrobe completely. I became o huge t-shirt fan. You could find me in t-shirt section in each store. However, I’ve never found a t-shirt that I 100% love. So, I was going easy way, solid dark color t-shirt that never explains my feelings or what I love.

One day, I was sharing a joke with my wife and mentioned that would be an awesome t-shirt, something that resonates with makers.

My wife told me “why don’t you just design it and print it”. That was my aha! moment. I did my first design, then another, then another, then worked with professional apparel designers to bring my ideas to life.

And, gift.dev was born. Finally, a brand that understands you.

Makers work hard to build their ideas, but they cannot express their feelings well with the apparel currently in the market because they are not designed for them.

Our designs are made for makers by makers.

Our Story